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A Short Trip

    International Short Film Competition

    3rd July 2024 | 16:00

    (ul. Kopernika 1)

    Free entry

    Klodi and Mira, a young Albanian couple, decide to marry Mira to a Frenchman for 5 years in exchange for money, in order to obtain the French nationality. They will then have to choose the right husband for her, and learn to detach themselves from each other.

    Erenik studied at the Academy of Arts, Tirana where he graduated with a Master degree in Film Directing. His thesis was Seed Money, a short film written by Jim Uhls (Fight Club). He has participated in the Sarajevo Talent Campus as a Screenwriter, where he developed the short script Reverse which was produced a year later for the Sarajevo City of Film. His last short film The Van opened in Cannes’ Official Competition for Short Films in 2019 and is now travelling around the globe with more than 50 selections to date, including Sarajevo, Melbourne, Valladolid, Tangiers and Clermont-Ferrand.

    Erenik Beqiri

    A Short Trip

    France 2023
    colour 17 min

    directed by
    Erenik Beqiri

    written by
    Erenik Beqiri

    director of photography
    Le Grontec Guillaume

    edited by
    Pallier Pauline

    Bajrami Luàna, Halilaj Tristan

    Berlemont Olivier

    Origine Films