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Dinner Guest

    International Short Film Competition

    3rd July 2024 | 16:00

    (ul. Kopernika 1)

    Free entry

    Miguel arrives at his grandmother’s house to celebrate Christmas with his family, ready to face another night of reproaches. But this year is even worse; they want Miguel to join the family business, sacrificing his own dreams. Will Miguel be able to stand his ground, or will he end up succumbing to his family’s wishes?

    Film director with a degree in film direction from ECAM. Since a very young age, she has felt a great interest in storytelling, both through the camera and writing, even publishing two books before coming of age. She ventured into directing with her first short film (Un)real, which was selected in several festivals such as BCT Benevento Cinema e Televisione and The Digital Gate International Film Festival.

    MJ Fuentes Mateos

    Dinner Guest

    Spain 2023
    colour 9 min

    directed by
    MJ Fuentes Mateos

    written by
    Nadia Lobato Díaz-Pinés, Sergio Elcoro García, Saúl Hernández Bau

    director of photography
    Juan Ignacio Ledesma Bellod

    edited by
    Jaime Díaz García, Miguel García López

    Carmen Longo, Rafa Ramos

    Álvaro Sanabria Serrano, Elena Vicas Huerta