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Highway to Hell

    International Short Film Competition

    3rd July 2024 | 16:00

    (ul. Kopernika 1)

    Free entry

    Polish medics have volunteered to help on the Ukrainian war front. Each day, they put themselves on the line, saving wounded Ukrainian soldiers, civilians, and captured Russians, too. Polish medics of the Awangarda Group give a detailed account of their mission. They also describe the way the wounded soldiers have to cover – from the trench to a field hospital – rushed by the Polish medics. At the same time, we encounter people who refused to flee and keep on living along the frontline. They also get help from the volunteers.

    TVN24 journalist, director of television reportages. He documented the logging of Polish forests and large-scale poultry farming, to name just a few. Co-author of reportage: Wody Czerwone. Kto zapłaci za odpady z fabryki trotylu (Red Waters. Who Will Pay for the TNT Plant Waste?). As a journalist, he covered important sporting events for Eurosport television: the Dakar Rally, Winter Olimpics. A devoted radio presenter, hosting morning programs in Radio Kampus.

    Filip Folczak

    Highway to Hell

    Poland 2023
    colour 22 min

    directed by
    Filip Folczak

    written by
    Filip Folczak

    director of photography
    Kamil Struzik, Maciej Grzybowski, Piotr Orzechowski, Kamil Młyńczyk

    edited by
    Filip Folczak, Krzysztof Ostafin

    Katarzyna Daniszewska, Jana, Justyna, Kapia, Marek Wachna, Robert Pożoga

    Marcin Piankowski

    TVN Warner Bros. Discovery